Nearly halfway through a two week half-term and my world has been revolving around the undead. It seems that every way I turn I am faced with rotten corpses walking the Earth or the droning sounds of the walking dead. I've seen 1000s killed in various ways and run from 100s.

Over the last few weeks I've become slightly obsessed with 'The Walking Dead'. I was told by various people to give it a go – I'm currently nearing the end of season 3 – and if you like zombies it's definitely worth giving it a go. I find myself saying 'ooooo nice kill' at various points, I particularly like the slicing off the top of head kills. Now I know it's only a TV programme but there are a few issues:

  • It is annoying that that decide to do anything 'just before sunset'
  • Andrew Lincoln's ridiculous exaggerated American accent.
  • The amount of walking backwards checking for zombies they do.
  • The way most things take ages to do when you have a hoard of the undead getting closer.

If watching zombies is not enough I've taken to running away from them again….

It's been a while since I've been using the Zombies, Run! app to track runs – but I'm back using it.

On top of this I came across a fella at the woods who looked like Merle from The Walking Dead, from a distance it even looked like he only had one hand and was carrying a huge knife.

It did however just turn out to be an old guy with a stick walking his dog.

Like I said….I'm becoming slightly obsessed….



I am a survivor….

Survival of the Fittest. Done.

It was a great event, well organised and well worth doing. Would you like a list of highlights?

  • Monkey bars are not my strong point – but I did manage the first lot without falling off.
  • Water slide – fully immersed in very manky water – followed by a bit of swimming – very cold.
  • The weeks of basketball at school paid off when you were required to shoot a basket before carrying on – did it first time.
  • Saved a woman's life* when she got her ponytail caught when going under a cargo net.
  • Running up and down the aisles at The City Ground was a nice touch.
  • Even managed the final 'Wall of Fame' without any help.


Goody bag had an interesting collection of 'goodies':

Yes you're right….that is Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels!?!?

Now to try to talk some people into the Mizuno Endure24…..

* this is a slight exaggeration



I’m back!

It has been 102 days since my last blog; that was to celebrate the completion of Juneathon.

It is another running event that has forced me back in the blogosphere.

Survival of the Fittest in Nottingham is a 10k obstacle course that runs through the heart of the city, including a dunking in the river, lots of mud, plenty of climbing and even a 'tour' of the Forest football ground.

After umming and ahhing for a couple of months I finally got round to signing up. So tomorrow I will be heading to Nottingham to join the 1000s attempting to complete the course.

Keep an eye out for me: Wave 10, 12.15pm start.

Bring it on!