Book 17 of 2022

‘The Adoration of Jenna Fox’ by Mary E Pearson

This is a teen novel. It’s probably classed as science fiction – it’s about a girl who wakes up from a coma after a car accident. It turns out that she virtually died and they managed to save 11% of her and the rest is what they call biochips. Of course, her parents didn’t tell her this and she had to work it out for herself.

Halfway through the book I wasn’t liking it at all – too much ‘who am I?’, ‘I know something isn’t right’ and ‘what is going on?’. But I kept going and I ended up quite enjoying the second half – once she knew what had happened it was about exploring her thoughts about friendships, family and the future.

I have a pile of books waiting to be read so not sure what is up next.


Book 16 of 2022

‘Rat’ by Patrice Lawrence

This was one of those ‘saw the book in the cupboard at school’ reads. I was expecting a gritty book about a lad at school going through a tough time.

I half right. It was a book about a boy called Al who is having issues at home and school. What is wasn’t was gritty.

Not really a teenage read, probably aimed at year 7 kids, so really very simple and easy to read.

Not sure what is next…


Book 15 of 2022

‘The Man Who Died Twice’ by Richard Osman

Finally got round to reading the second book in the series.

Another good read – as good as the first one. If you want to read a good book that’s not taxing, you can do a lot worse than having a go of this one.

Next up: Rat


4x4x48 Loop 12


I ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hrs.


4x4x48 Loop 11

Noon. Beautiful day – bright sunshine and a little bit too warm if I’m honest.

This was the penultimate run. 4 miles. 41mins. Ran down to the river and around the field, that puts me on 44 miles.

That leaves just one to go and I’ll be very happy when the next one is done.

Next loop: 4pm


4x4x48 Loop 10

Legs felt a bit tired this morning.

It was a lovely morning – so a run down to the river was the plan.

By the time I was a mile into the run the legs had loosened up and were feeling a bit better. Although, the last mile was quite a struggle.

That’s 40 miles done over 10 runs – only a couple more to do.

Next loop: noon.


4x4x48 Loop 9

As I woke up with the 3.50am alarm it was the first time I thought to myself, ‘why am I doing this ridiculous thing’. The three hours kip seemed to whizz by and I was just feeling tired when I clambered out of bed and placed my feet on the floor.

Of course, this feeling soon changed when I got out running. It was a pretty fresh feeling morning, the sun was trying to pop it’s head over the horizon and all was good with the world.

Another 4 miles ticked off in about 42mins – about average for this challenge.

Just three more loops to go.

Next: 8am


4x4x48 Loop 8

That’s 32 miles done.

Glad that one is done – the dark makes it so much more difficult. Not sure if it’s the added mental effort to avoid falling off the road, or the just not being able to see and place yourself within the loop.

Just follow the light…

Four to go.

Next loop: 4am


4x4x48 Loop 7

We’ve been here before – 8pm – only now we’re entering the second 24hrs…

Took a slightly different route this time; over the other side of the village. Quite liked it. The finish was a lovely downhill by the side of a field. I also ticked off 4 miles before reaching home – which meant a nice little walk in – rather than running past the house and back to ensure the mileage is done.

It felt like it had cooled down slightly on leaving the house, but within a mile I was feeling the heat. Another 4 miles in around 41mins.

Not particularly looking forward to the midnight loop – it is pitch black then and following that little ring of light from the headtorch can send you slightly mad.

Next loop: midnight.