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Bacon St Valentine’s Day card.

Juneathon Project365

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Blog post title would seem a tad #hashtag heavy…..

Juneathon Day 14

Sunday morning, as some would say, the home of the long run. Although, in my case, less the 'home' of the long run and more the homeless hostel. To clarify….I did not go for a long run.

Very gentle 25min jog. I'm definitely getting the feeling that the calf is getting slightly better, it no longer hurts when running, although I can feel it. Yes, I know, I suppose I should really go and see someone about it. The plan is to carry on doing exercise that doesn't aggravate for the next week, then have a go doing a 'proper' run next weekend. If I've still got an issue with it after that, I'll go see someone. Deal.

Juneathon totals after day 14:

12.4 miles run

18.55 miles cross-training

171 press-ups

485 sec planks

8000m row

10 pointless extra walks between classroom and reception

Project365 #165

As for today's picture, well to be totally honest, it could well be picture of the year.

That friends, is a bacon roll with a side order of a bacon and egg roll. With Tomato sauce. To quote George Bernhard Shaw, who knew a thing or two about writing AND food…