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Let's be honest: Janathon was a disappointment. Only managed to run for 22 days, barely reached the 100 mile mark and found the second half of the month very tough. Cue an endless list of excuses: cold, snow, ice, busy at work, snow, cold, ice, dark nights, busy at work and it was very cold.

Following on from the monthly projects in 2012 and Janathon I feel like a bit of a rest is needed in February.

Work has been very busy and I've been working hard to catch-up with marking in an attempt to have a pretty quiet and relaxing half-term. The hard work has paid off and I've somehow managed to do everything apart from a class set of Y10 controlled assessments that need doing. A week to recharge the batteries this week because the next term is probably going to be very busy: exam preparation, after school sessions and other general rubbish.

So the start of half-term began with beer, some vodka martini in a James Bond style, some blue stuff…

….followed by some green stuff….

In other news….I have managed to bag some tickets for a few gigs in the coming months:



Project365 #357 – Must…Not…Spill…It

Today’s picture: Cocktail Time!
A Cosmopolitan….


Project365 #1

Project365 – an attempt to post a picture EVERY day of the year.

One of many cocktails had over Christmas hols.


Mission Cocktail

This year’s Christmas theme has been Cocktails. The only problem with drinking cocktails is the amount of ‘stuff’ you need. We have virtually run out of the first batch of ingredients, so this afternoon means a trip to the supermarket to stock up.

We spent Christmas with our old friends: Sea Breeze, Blue Lagoon, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Beach.

For New Year we have our old friends and some new ones joining us: Black Russian, Tia Breeze, Be Cointreaversial, to name but a few.

Happy New Year!