A godson, a baptism and a letter….

Yesterday my beautiful nephew became my beautiful godson….

Stanley was baptised. It was a fantastic day, my sister and her husband had thought of everything, everyone enjoyed themselves and the day went off without any problems at all. But then I began to think a bit more about the day. It was Stanley's day. It was his baptism. So I began to wonder what sort of day HE had had.

A letter from Stanley….

Dear Mum and Dad,

Thanks for a great day on Sunday, although it was a little bit different to our usual Sunday. Normally I'm allowed to chill in my cot for a bit and then get to have a very lazy day being played with and generally have a very relaxed morning. Today I didn't get a chance to relax at all. From the moment I woke up it was panic. I was put into an outfit I have never worn before and had to put up with ooooos and aaaahs from everybody I met for the rest of the day. Let alone being forced to wear a hat that I tried to make clear I wasn't impressed with, but you kept stuffing on my head.

We then went to this huge place that I have never been to before, although from what I understand you should have been taking me regularly since my birth. I met loads of people, all intent on cuddling and kissing me. If that wasn't bad enough I was passed to this fella in a black outfit who promptly tipped a load of water on my head. It's no wonder I zonked out.

I also understand that I have some lovely godparents, but they seemed more eager to show off my certificate than actually allowing me to be in the pictures.

Also, considering it was MY day I was a bit surprised that you let my sister play with all MY presents and eat the sweets that had been given to me. I can't wait until I'm a bit older, I am so going to get my own back.

At one stage I started to get very worried when a knife started to get waved about, especially because of the crazy face you were pulling. Although the cake was lovely, I had enough of it stuffed into my gob throughout the day.

But overall, I had a fantastic day and would like to say thanks.





It’s Christmas!

It may only be May but in sunny Edenbridge it is Christmas! Very exciting!

For my sister last Christmas was a bit of a washout, due to her second child turning up on 22nd December in a rather traumatic way, therefore Christmas is taking place right now! Christmas music and the smell of turkey is filling the air.

Christmas Eve was spent in the pub, as is the tradition, although midnight mass didn't take place due to the vicar being rather unwilling to open up the church just for us. However, Santa did remember….

Jill has been busy with preparations: food, decorations, drink, she even managed to create a 'shed' for the nativity scene….

Can't wait for dinner!!!!



A sparkly new nephew….

Today we have a reason to drink beer! My little sister and her husband have a new addition to the family – a lovely little boy. No names as yet, but Star, Donkey, Jesus and Rudolph are all still in the running!

So we welcome the little lad into the world with the help of a bottle of 'Bitter & Twisted', #26 of #decembeer…..

It was a pretty poxy day today: raining, busy everywhere and raining. I did initially choose this beer because it summed up the character of the old bag nasty piece of work woman in the cafe I went in for breakfast this morning.

But in the end the day was very good!




Olympic Experience

After watching the fabulous opening ceremony and watching some brilliant performances from Team GB from the safety of the sofa, it was finally time to experience the Olympics for real. The date had been on the calendar for about 18 months, Tuesday 7th August, after failing to get various sports in the initial ballot, we ended up with Hockey in the second chance ballot. I have to admit that Hockey was not the first choice event, but we were going, we were going to experience this 'once in a lifetime' visit to a home Olympics. We were all very excited.

Our ticket admitted us to a morning session of Hockey at the Riverside Arena in the Olympic Park, Men's Hockey, two matches: Netherlands vs Korea; and Australia vs Pakistan. First match kicked off sticks away started at 8.30am. Despite staying at my Mums, in South-east London, this meant an early start. Plan was get up at 5am to be sure of leaving at 6am, to ensure we would not miss a kick a whack a hit any of the game.

So, 6.15am and the short walk to the station, Jill and Craig in good spirits…

Leg one of the journey complete, train to London Bridge. Next up was a quick jump on the tube to Stratford. Didn't quite go to plan. As we entered the platform, we were greeted by the Great British public queuing in an orderly fashion (this would not be the last of today's queues) to the sounds of a tanoy, “We apologise for the delay – we have a signal failure on the Jubilee Line”. We waited for around 15mins, several trains coming and going, all packed solid, allowing very few passengers on board. A few prayers to Lord Coe later and we were on board, like the proverbial sardine. Various announcements, all completely ignored, told us to get off at West Ham if we were travelling to the Olympic Park. We therefore went past West Ham and duly got off at Stratford, with everyone else….

Despite the amount of people, we got into the Olympic Park, including various security checks, quickly and without fuss. A short stroll and we had reached the Riverside Arena, followed by a climb of 1000s of steps and we had reached row 29 of 30 and in position to enjoy the hockey.

The Hockey was actually quite exciting, a very fast and skilful game. The Dutch were too strong for Korea and beat them 4-2, whilst the Aussies whooped Pakistan 7-0.

After the Hockey we went to Park Live to watch the Brownlee boys bring home gold and bronze in the triathlon on the big screen.

Then a stroll to the Velodrome where I re-enacted my celebration at seeing Chris Hoy win another gold….

We passed the biggest McDonalds in the world, apparently, before seeing the biggest queue in the world to get into the London 2012 Megastore. Both we avoided before taking a closer look at the Olympic Stadium…

We ended the day by queuing for fish and chips….it was a really great experience, well done London!!!



Project365 #355 – Christmas Visit

Today’s picture: we visited London to see Mum, Jill, Craig and baby Grace…


Project365 #346 – A montage of Gracie…

….received from her mum this morning….


Project365 #127 – Parents in waiting