#juneathon day 19

No time to blog tonight.

England vs Uruguay

Day 19 mileage = 4.32

Total Juneathon mileage = 87.59



#juneathon day 15

Halfway through Juneathon and it is at this stage that running every day starts to become a bit of a struggle: calves ache, ankles stiff and starting to get a bit fed up of showers. A longish run this morning – 10.1 miles around Bourne.

Followed by a visit to Sainsbury's to get cake, before settling on the sofa for the majority of the afternoon to watch a bit more, yes indeed, a bit more footy….

Day 15 mileage = 10.1

Total Juneathon mileage = 71.94




Juneathon Day 11

After yesterday’s failure to run, tonight’s run was also under pressure: late meeting and two Euro 2012 matches (one of them the England game).

Department meeting finished at 4.40pm leaving 20min to get home. Therefore cue the ridiculously bloody slow driver that I had to follow all the way home. Despite this I was home within a minute of kick-off. Pretty good performance from Eng-er-land, bring on Sweden!

So tonight’s run took place at 9.50pm, and was finished at 10.20pm – an uneventful run of 3.65 miles around town. In the words of Roy Castle:

“Dedication’s what you need!”

Music accompaniment = Crash Test Dummies

Runners passed = 0

Total Juneathon mileage after day 11 = 38.19



Another Gills supporter??

Helen attended her first football game for two decades, dragged there by Mandy – the result a 4-o win to Gillingham over Lincoln. BBC have kindly supplied evidence….

And just in case you couldn’t quite see them…

Highlights of the game available here.


Project365 #99 – Gillingham supporter?

Today’s picture is THE Gills supporter! Mandy visiting to go see Gills get beaten by Lincoln!