Juneathon Project365

Not sure if it counts… #juneathon #project365

It was a long busy day at school, I stayed late doing a bit of planning and the last thing I felt like doing when I got home was a run. It wasn't until I left the building that I realised it was a lovely evening and also how few cars were left in the car park when I left. Cue photo of the day…

Project365 #166

On the drive home I had pretty much decided that today's Juneathon effort would be going for a burton. Then I began to feel guilty, Juneathon has the knack of doing that to you. I didn't want to entirely miss out on a Juneathon activity. I did contemplate a trip to the gym but really couldn't be bothered to leave the house. The answer: mowing the grass.

I took it very seriously: route tracked. Juneathon Day 15. Done.

Today's mileage: 0.46



….general wonderings….

Already a few days into the final week of the Easter holidays and you will not be surprised to hear that I haven't touched one iota of schoolwork. In fact I've done everything except schoolwork. It is amazing how much you can get done to avoid marking:

  • Sorted out garage – there is still absolutely no chance whatsoever of getting a car in there – but at least now there's a path through all the crap to get to the back.
  • Mowed the grass – a couple of dry days and some sunshine resulted in the first cut of the year.
  • Fixed fence – windy conditions resulted in a snapped post. So after digging up most of Lincolnshire I managed to finally remove a huge lump of concrete that had been used to hold up post. I am now slightly worried I have also dug up a big percentage of the foundations.
  • Made a visit to the tip household recycling centre – gone are the days when you reversed up to a massive hole and slung in all your crap – now you need a PhD – old Hoover? Appliances or small electrical? I glanced at 'small electrical' and could only see old car radios, so plumbed for 'appliances' – WRONG! Two seconds after placing it down…. “That doesn't go there mate!”
  • Went to running club training Tuesday AND Thursday – which is something that happens very rarely. Tuesday was 20 x 1 min fast/slow and Thursday was a very fast 2 mile time trial.
  • Watched 'Inception' – good film – although I am not about to try to explain it – I'm not entirely sure myself – was it all a dream or not?
  • Read 'Pigeon English' by Stephen Kelman – this book has been on my reading list for a while – it follows a young immigrant from Ghana as he grows up on an estate in South London – good book.
  • Just started reading 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry' by Rachel Joyce – so far so good.

You'll also notice that this post severely lacking in pictures. This is because of the whole 'One Second Everyday' shenanigans. Although I have found a picture of a giant dog wearing a sombrero….



Unicycle Day 8

The second weekend of September's Challenge and an opportunity for some dedicated practice. It was a lovely afternoon and it was spent on the floor unicycle. Although before any practice was possible the unicycle needed some running repairs. It has taken a fair bit of battering, that I don't really think it was designed for, resulting in a cracked seat and various screw issues. But nothing that a block of wood and some gaffer tape couldn't sort out….

As for the practice, I'm definitely getting better. The video may not actually show this, but I think my balance has improved and falling off the unicycle is definitely more graceful. I'm beginning to shift my weight more to enable me to have a more controlled ride, that doesn't mean I'm riding much further but I feel I'm on the verge of a big breakthrough.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


Project365 #274 – Flip-flops are back….

New record October temperature, 29.9 deg C, so it’s shorts and flip-flop time…..


Project365 #236

Ran out of black bags – will the Lifeboat Charity collect grass?


Project365 #206 – Spent the day in the garden..

Weeding, cutting, tidying….


Project365 #205

Today’s picture is halfway through the build of Mum’s new wheelbarrow planter…


Project365 #203

Billy in the garden enjoying his Pepsi Max!


Project365 #185

Today’s picture is…..Hoegaarden in the garden, with a trashy crime novel!

Much deserved!

Well I had spent the afternoon sat in front of a computer attempting to upload ‘stuff’ to the school’s new MLE.