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#project365 #54

Beans On Toast at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

Never disappoints.


#project365 #34

Frank Turner. Ally Pally. Excellent.


#project365 #31

Frank Turner at Ally Pally on Sunday! Very exciting. Been busy revising!

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Juneathon Day 3 plus Billy Bragg

Last night….

The fantastic Billy Bragg, The Bard of Barking, at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon. Great gig, great venue…overall a great night. I did manage to take a few pictures before the grumpy old bag told me not to – apparently pictures are not allowed in the home of Shakespeare. I'm not entirely sure what they thought I was going to do with pictures….sell them for ¬£millions?

NB. The empty seats you can see behind Billy were the only empty seats in the theatre.


Day 3 of Juneathon. This was intended to be a nice gentle couple of miles around the woods with the dog, but because of this…..

….it ended up as over 5 miles because a run to the ponds was required to let the boy wash himself off.

Today's mileage = 5.24

Total Juneathon mileage = 14.05

Mojo level = very high (still?)



I must confess…

….it has been three weeks since my last blog.

Quite a lot has happened in that time….

A trip to The Engine Shed in Lincoln to see the rather fabulous Lucy Rose. Since buying the album 'Like I Used To' I've been a fan….and when I heard she was to play Lincoln I was on it like a rat up a drainpipe.

Lucy Rose has been described as an English Suzanne Vega and been likened to Laura Marling…so what could go wrong? Nothing. The set was full of her own brand of acoustic folk/pop yet mixed with jazz-funk rhythm that cannot fail to entertain. Good gig – she's going to do well me thinks.

Next up was a trip to the ole smoke to see Frank Hamilton (again) at The Borderline. Although not the best gig of his I've been to, due in part to the big heffer standing in front of us who seemed intent on trying to step on the feet of everyone, complete with her ridiculous boyfriend who thought just because he had a big camera this gave him the right to be a complete arsehole. And what is it with girls in London and their stupidly huge handbags that that refuse to put down, they just hang around their elbows sticking them in you. Now I'm a Londoner and proud of it, but things have definitely changed.

But Frank himself was on top form, not the best set list he's every played, but he is slowly attracting more and more acclaim, I think 2013 is going to be a good year for the man.

There was also a very early, or should I say late, Christmas with my sister that I somehow remembered to blog about here.

School has been absolutely crazy: workshops, immersion days and so much exam prep that if my boys and girls don't pass I'm not sure what to do. This week we said goodbye to the Y11s…I've really enjoyed the last couple of years with my group, they've all done really well and developed into lovely young men and women over the years. I wish them all the luck for the future.

But half-term has finally arrived….a relaxing week in store with a few bits and pieces to do at home….mum's birthday party…Billy Bragg gig….and on the horizon we even have #juneathon. Oh crap!



Frank Hamilton @ Cambridge

Frank Hamilton @ ‘Man on the Moon’ in Cambridge

Last night I ventured to Cambridge for my first live experience of the fantastic Frank Hamilton. I was not disappointed.

I’ve been a fan of Frank’s work for a couple of years since I came across the track ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ via the internet. Since then I’ve downloaded various bits and pieces that Frank has released. Including his latest offering: a five-track EP – ‘Words and Nothing More’ (available on itunes).

Last night’s gig, at the ‘Man on the Moon’ in Cambridge was an intimate affair, and featured a collection of indie-folk tunes, showing off Frank’s musical abilities: guitar, keyboard, harmonica, even a bit of whistling! Frank Hamilton is a brilliant lyricist and manages to capture the innocence and naivety of a young man in his 20s growing-up. Together with beautiful melodies and his own unique ‘quirky’ voice – it makes for a great evening’s entertainment.

Frank’s set-list was a mix of old and new tunes, including a cover of the Smiths, and latest John Lewis TV advert, ‘Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. Complete with the revelation that his version was in the running to make it as the soundtrack, but rejected for a ‘girl and piano’ – shame on you John Lewis.

Highlight of the evening – ‘Waking up at 3’ – great tune!

Funniest part of the evening – as Frank began to play the intro to ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ a girl strode to the front and demanded he played a request – ‘You, Your Cat and Me’ – very funny! Frank handled it very well and didn’t embarrass her too much.

Overall a great night! And on top of all that he is a really nice, down to earth fella! Top bloke!


Project365 #344 – Man on the Moon @ Cambridge….

Venue for the fantastic Frank Hamilton.

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Project365 #147 – Frank Turner

Today’s picture….waiting for Frank Turner gig to start……in a church in Cambridge!

More proof…..St Peter’s Church….

It was a great night, Frank was in top form as usual. Whilst out I also earned a GCSE in crowd participation and an A Level in air harmonica. The highlight of the night….Frank stepping away from the microphone and into the crowd with guitar whilst we all sang ‘The Ballad of Me & My Friends’…..”and we’re¬†definitely going to hell, we’ll have all the best stories to tell”….in a CHURCH!

New tune….’Peggy Sang the Blues’….


Project365 #62 – Frank Turner

Frank Turner features in Kerrang’s gig guide – although there is no point because the tickets for the UK tour sold out in round about 2 days! Phil and Helen did manage to bag a pair so it’s OK!