Frank Turner…..again!

My love affair with the fantastic Frank Turner continues……and so a blog post was inevitable….

Last Sunday it was the turn of The Engine Shed in Lincoln to host another great Turner gig. It was another sold out gig which is now the norm for Frank Turner.

Support took the form of Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun, and Tim Barry. Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun are a band from Cheltenham, tipped to be big in the near future. Tim Barry an American singer/songwriter playing a rather depressing set that kicked off with a song about a fella who ended up serving time for shooting his sister's husband.

Frank Turner yet again showed why he is becoming so popular, an audience featuring young and old danced and sang the night away in an attempt to knock Wolverhampton off the dance-off top step. Frank played tunes from all four studio albums and a couple from the new album due in 2013. It was also great to see a favourite track of mine, 'Romantic Fatigue', seen played live.

The evening ended with the usual rendition of 'Photosynthesis', complete with a packed Engine Shed sitting down before jumping up and singing and dancing, in what has become a trademark finish to the night.

Overall another brilliant night, and thanks to Twitter I even shifted a spare ticket I had, at face value of course!

Next gig: Frank Hamilton at The Barfly in Camden on the 20th December.


Blog origami

Dragon Running

Today….#18 in the origami challenge….and one of my favourites of the month so far. A rather 'difficult' but impressive looking dragon…

This came after another very muddy run round the woods on a lovely bright, if somewhat, cold and frosty morning.

And it was very muddy….

Also, a visit to Lincoln this afternoon means I have some new socks, as I think these ones have just about had it….



Project365 #354 – Amazing what a banner can do?

Today’s picture: taken at Lincoln.

Just add a new banner and your regular fairground ride suddenly becomes ‘Santa’s Toy Train’.

Complete with bikes….buses….tractors…cars…. er…..actually it doesn’t even have a sleigh or reindeer on it….


Project365 #351 – The only thing missing is ET

Today’s picture: sat at level crossing in Lincoln, when loads of kids came past on bikes. Either they were helping ET escape from the feds, or they had just nicked an old woman’s handbag….


Another Gills supporter??

Helen attended her first football game for two decades, dragged there by Mandy – the result a 4-o win to Gillingham over Lincoln. BBC have kindly supplied evidence….

And just in case you couldn’t quite see them…

Highlights of the game available here.


Project365 #72 – Lincoln

Today’s picture is actually three…..

Picture #1 – A fella riding his bike up the massive hill up to the cathedral in Lincoln….and he rode all the way…without stopping.

Picture #2 – Tiger Suits for sale in Primark, only £10 each. I did resist the urge to buy one.

Picture #3 – ‘Brian the Bunny’ gingerbread biscuit from Costa Coffee.