#juneathon day 28

A morning run because I had a busy day ahead. 4 or so miles round the woods, including a very fast fourth mile. Pleased to report I've completed over 120 miles so far. Then it was down south to see my niece and nephew…..

Today's mileage = 4.44

Total Juneathon mileage = 121.12



Back on track….

This Christmas there has been a distinct lack of Christmas cheer about….

Having reached #26 of #decembeer and welcoming Nephew Stanley into the world I somehow managed to become infected with some superbug causing me to be laid low for the past five days. Not a beer, wine, shot or cocktail has touched my lips since then and yet I still feel rough. So today I have decided that it is in fact a LACK of beer that has caused this recent illness. So I'm back on the #decembeer train!

The chosen beer that is going to get me back on track is Fursty Ferret (#27)…

A tasty beer this, light golden in colour with a hoppy aroma and good refreshing taste. Named because rumour had it that inquisitive ferrets would sneak to the back door of the local inn and sneakily sample the local brew. Although I'd be slightly concerned for my sanity if I suggested I had seen a crowd of ferrets supping on pints of beer!



A sparkly new nephew….

Today we have a reason to drink beer! My little sister and her husband have a new addition to the family – a lovely little boy. No names as yet, but Star, Donkey, Jesus and Rudolph are all still in the running!

So we welcome the little lad into the world with the help of a bottle of 'Bitter & Twisted', #26 of #decembeer…..

It was a pretty poxy day today: raining, busy everywhere and raining. I did initially choose this beer because it summed up the character of the old bag nasty piece of work woman in the cafe I went in for breakfast this morning.

But in the end the day was very good!




Project365 #186 – Birthday Boy

Today’s picture is Nephew Jason….14 years old today!