Project365 #75 – Presents…

I’ve a few books to read…


Reading, summer festivals and running….

A couple of books that need ticking off the list…


I’m glad I’ve read it, after all the good reviews I’d heard, although i was slightly disappointed. The first half of the book was great, and then I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted more to happen….

Just started reading ‘Once a Runner’ by John Parker.

Having just started the half-term holiday I’m starting to think of the summer and possible festivals to attend, the list of possibilities go something like this:

Cambridge Folk Festival

Rhythm Festival



The Big Chill

Also, on the music front, a few people that we need to get round to see at some stage: The Tallest Man on Earth (gig in London in May – but it is a school night??), Frank Turner, Johnny Flynn, Billy Bragg and Laura Marling….better start saving up!

Finally, on the running front:

So plenty going on at the mo!