#juneathon day 8

A beautiful morning in South Lincolnshire…

“A sea of content emerald green ears of wheat dancing gently in the wind like a dad at a wedding”

Amazingly we are already into week two of Juneathon. First week went ok, so hoping for more of the same this week.

Day 8 mileage = 6.49

Total Juneathon mileage = 38.99



#juneathon day 6

Got out of work nice and early today. Once home it was get changed and get out. 4ish miles around the lovely Lincolnshire countryside.

No poem tonight – the pub is calling!

Day 6 mileage = 4.10

Total Juneathon mileage = 28.06



Day 7 #juneathon

One week down, smashed through the 30 mile mark, and all seems to be going well!

It was a glorious evening in South Lincolnshire…..

Took the dog with me on this evening's run and spent the whole time ensuring he didn't find some festering, disgusting water hole to roll around in. I was also accompanied by Frightened Rabbit on the iPod; the latest album 'Pedestrian Verse' is a cracker. Have a listen, you may like….

Tomorrow is a trip to Wakefield for Long Division Festival.

Having just read that I need to clarify. Long Division Festival is a celebration of music not some sort of geeky maths convention. Looking forward to seeing Allo Darlin' for the first time, and if you like a bit of twee indie, take a look….

Today's mileage = 3.93

Total Juneathon mileage = 31.92

Mojo level = still very high!

Now off to the pub to celebrate!!!!



Day 6 #juneathon

Let's start with a few statistics:

  • 20% of Juneathon complete.
  • 27.99 miles completed – travelling west from Bourne would take me just past Melton Mowbray.
  • 49,262 paces

Today's run was again round Bourne Woods and for the first time in this year's Juneathon the last mile tonight was quite hard work. Legs felt very tired and we're only on day 6! However, it was a reasonably warm day without a cloud in the sky….

After yesterday's collection of rather naff pictures, tonight a rather moody one of a leaf…followed by, in an attempt to increase the literary worth of this blog, a poem….

A leaf. What are you? What is this?

God's amazing creation: photosynthesis.

Today's mileage = 5.02

Total Juneathon mileage = 27.99

Mojo level = high (despite achy legs)



Swimming #3

Today, the third effort of August's Project, was a visit to Bourne Outdoor Pool for a spot of swimming. Although I've lived in Bourne a number of years, today was my first ever visit to the outdoor pool. I was pleasantly surprised. The admission price was £4 and this allows you to stay there for the day. I saw a number of families who had obviously been there all day: blankets, chairs, picnics, books and no end of other stuff.

It was a lovely day today, very hot, therefore the place was very busy. At one stage the noise of kids screaming and enjoying themselves was incredible (cue the exaggerated simile), like the Olympic Stadium celebrating ANOTHER Team GB gold medal. I was amazed how big the actual pool was, and deep, you can dive in without fear of a lifeguard whistle.

I went with Amy today, and we had a great time. She even treated me to a cup of tea. She even got herself some curly fries because apparently you can't go to the outdoor pool without buying curly fries…

Overall, the swimming seems to be getting slightly better. I still struggle with the breathing, but my actual technique is a lot smoother and less splashy. So although I'm a fair way off challenging Thorpedo to a race, I feel as if I'm getting somewhere. Actually looking forward to the next session….



Project365 #113 – Perfect afternoon…

Sun is out, 6 music on, bbq fired up and paper ready to read! Happy days!


Project365 #66

Been a lovely day today – first bright sunny day of the year! This is the view from bridge at Elsea Woods, I was out walking the dog – time 5.45pm.