Project365 vegan

#project365 #120

New vegan recipe book: Bish Bash Bosh!

My turn to cook tomorrow and I’ve already picked something out: Vietnamese Sticky Tofu.

Project365 vegan

#project365 #76

Birthday present.


#project365 #53

Incredibly we are 53 days into 2019 already. But more incredibly still, we are coming to the end of the quickest half-term in history. Today’s picture:

Frankie and Benny’s for dinner.

Reasonable vegan offerings. I went for the BBQ pizza with sweet potato fries. Nice.

Although they have seemed to have gone through some sort of rebranding exercise. Not sure if this is a national thing, we visited the Spalding restaurant, but it now appears to be a cross between the old Frankie and Benny’s and McDonalds. Don’t quite get it.


#project365 #43

Tonight was chickpea night.

Helen cracked open a tin and got to work on some home-made hummus humous houmous, (actually I’m still not sure now) with roast peppers.

I cracked open another couple of tins, added paprika and chopped up some spinach and lobbed that in. Voila.

This was consumed, with pitta bread and cucumber, in front of the TV watching ‘You’. Just two episodes left to complete the series, I’ve become quite obsessed with Beck and Joe’s relationship.


#project365 #40

A visit to a Harvester in Peterborough for some dining out vegan action.

Complete success – even stayed for pudding.


#project365 #39

I love it when people go out of their way to feed the vegan.


#project365 #35

From a couple of my lovely Y11s – left pinned to the noticeboard. I couldn’t agree more.


Veganuary. Done.

Now that the whole Veganuary thing is complete I thought it deserved a little post. If you are an avid follower of the blog, which you’re probably not, in fact you’ve probably stumbled upon it whilst drunkenly trying to follow Kim Kardasian, you will be aware that I’ve been considering going vegan for some time. I also dragged my wife, Helen, along for the ride.

How did we do?

Well, we did it. We ate and drank an entirely plant-based diet for 31 days. Doesn’t sound very impressive when you say it like that. But, we did it.

It was a fantastic ‘journey’. We tried plenty of new food, experienced new tastes and had some great discussions along the way. And importantly, it wasn’t too much hassle.

A few highlights:

  • Arriving at a pub at midday to find a Jack Daniel’s waiting for me because they didn’t know what beer to buy. Drinking Jack Daniel’s in the afternoon is a good thing.
  • Some great finds: the Linda McCartney range of foods, the sausage rolls are fantastic.
  • Being able to continue drinking Guinness.
  • Feeling healthier and generally less hungry. Gone are the days when I return home from work and devour anything and everything available.
  • Oatly barista edition milk – fantastic in coffee.

On top of all that, I feel great knowing that I’m living a more compassionate life.

Probably important to say, February 2nd and still vegan…

Project365 veganuary

#project365 #22

Standard vegan stuff tonight: roasted veg.

Veganuary Day 22