February’s Challenge…

Did you see the headlines in the media? ‘Worried for his safety!’….. ‘Run comes to an end!’…..

If you did you will be aware that I haven’t posted on this blog for 4 days. Shock! Horror! Due in part to two big events: Project365 and Janathon. Meaning that until recently I had posted everyday for 13 months.

So with the ‘ridiculous’ idea of doing a challenge every month, and on the back of Janathon, comes my attempt at playing the ukulele. Here is said ukulele….

Having obtained a book from @ladymarples and trawled the web for some ‘how to’ advice, after 4 days I’m still struggling, not really getting the hang of the strumming. But it is only early days! Wish me luck….



  1. Phew! I was getting worried about you! Good luck – can’t wait to hear your version of ‘Leaning on a Lamp post’! x

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