Unicycling Day 1

The start of a new month brings another monthly challenge: learning to ride a unicycle.

This is by far the most difficult challenge of the year, I wasn't too confident of success, and after viewing various YouTube video clips I was even less so. Even the 'experts' look as though they will fall off at any minute. Unicycle was ordered from Amazon for the bargain price of £45.

The first 5 mins of the challenge didn't go very well with various heavy falls, including ankle and elbow injuries. I was actually having trouble even getting on the bloody thing. So back to YouTube for some advice, and thanks to 'Coach Bob' I found a successful way to get on the unicycle. After another 10 mins I had discovered how to avoid hitting the deck, even if it meant letting the unicycle go flying through the air.

So with a new found confidence AND 2 hours of practice I am happy to report some success. The video below may not actually show said success but I'm feeling a lot more confident that this challenge is actually possible.

Although the video doesn't show it I was able to complete around four full pedals before stacking it.

I'm actually quite looking forward to day 2!


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