Unicycle Day 15

Halfway through September's Challenge and we have hit a major problem: a touch of sciatica. Although it would seem this is unrelated to the unicycling.

On Thursday I felt a slight ache in my leg and by Friday this had manifested itself into a rather painful and slightly awkward limp, in an Ian Dury styley. Although after a quick online symptom calculator I was thankful that I could dismiss polio.

Waking up this morning in much the same, if not more painful way, there was only one thing to do. Get back on the Internet. This resulted in a clear diagnosis of sciatica, thanks in part to Dr Rob and a handy video explaining the causes, symptoms and prognosis. It would seem that I have irritated my sciatic nerve, and thinking about it, my Y8s were rather irritating on Thursday.

So to the treatment…ibuprofen, diclofenac potassium, codeine phosphate and paracetamol….

I'm hoping a weekend of popping pills and plenty of relaxing should see me right! Although on a positive note, this morning the postman brought me a lovely parcel containing Frank Turner at Wembley DVD. Lovely jubbly!


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