A decision has been made….

Just a quick blog today…..

After minutes weeks of agonising, a decision has been made, November's Challenge will be….


Not incredibly rock and roll I'm afraid, just the calm, relaxing project that I need right now. The year so far has included: running, swimming, unicycling, learning the ukulele, music reviews, baking, model building and story writing. Not a traditional art form in sight…..we'll be puting that right this month.

So number one in the traditional Japanese art of paper folding….a boat.

So if you want to follow me and become an expert in this ancient art form then click here.


4 thoughts on “A decision has been made….

  1. I like your decision and challenge. Good luck! I will try and complete an origami myself and hopefully will complete at least one during the month! xx

  2. Love your projects so far! I’m doing my own challenges for the month of November, one of which involves folding tiny squares of paper whilst cursing heavily, so it’s fun to see another origami beginner’s projects day by day. If you ever want to have a challenge within the challenge and compete to see who can do the best origami whatsit one day, let me know. If it’s any incentive, you’ll probably win 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you, too! It’s actually 6″x6″ Washi Paper, which as I’ve gathered is just one of many types of origami papers out there. It’s a little thinner than typical wrapping paper, and I bought it on Amazon. I really like it, and since it has a colored side and a white side, I won’t get too lost if the folding/unfolding gets complicated.

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