Origami grips the nation!

When I started November’s Challenge, origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, I wasn’t sure exactly what was in store. But what is clear is that it has gripped the nation! My tutor group have been having a go and we now have three windowsills full of various creations….

We’ve even managed an origami training session in the staff room at lunchtime. It has also become clear that within the school there are already a handful of secret origami masters: JD is a natural and has obviously been practising.

Today’s piece, a bird that actually flaps its wings, was taught to me by EB (a 2nd Dan origami black belt master)….please also note the carefully placed arrows….

One does look rather turkey like…

To keep on track, another piece of origami was also required. And keeping with the bird theme, only this time one that cannot fly, a penguin…

That’s #25 and #26….only 4 more days left! Roll on December and the final monthly challenge of the year!

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