One Second Everyday

It has been a busy couple of years since I began blogging: 2011 saw #project365 where I posted a picture every day; 2012 saw a different project completed and blogged about every month; and 2013 began with the annual attempt at #janathon. Since then I have given myself a month away from the blogosphere, but now I'm back…complete with a brand new project….

Inspired by a fella called Cesar Kutiyama who has been recording 1 second every day for the last 2 years, you can read more about his story here. He has also created an easy to use app – so anyone can do it. You can literally take short videos through the day, if you remember (although you can get reminders), then decide which 1 second part you want to use, then mash them together. Simple. Here is the inspiration…

Today is my birthday so I plan to begin today and by the end of the year I will have a 365 second video of my year. Not entirely sure how it is going to go – I'm not sure I do enough 'interesting' things – but we'll see what happens. I'll probably be posting monthly videos on the blog just to see how we're doing.



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