Very impressed with Apple….

About a month ago my iPhone experienced a bit of a failure: the lock button decided to give up the ghost. So as the phone was still under warranty I rang Apple in an attempt to find out what to do. Cue a ridiculous conversation with an America lady that involved lots of tango-victor-bravo terminology. Now my NATO phonetic alphabet is maybe not up to scratch as at one stage I used the word octopus for 'o', had various spellings of my surname, Lengthan, Lengthern and Lengthon to name but a few, and finally managed to book an appointment at my not so local Apple store in Leicester (I did actually find out later that it was incredibly easy to book this appointment online).

So today I ventured to Leicester, not feeling particularly optimistic, to solve the problem…

I arrived at the Apple store with what seemed like every other Apple customer in England – it was very busy. I was greeted by a very nice man with an iPad who promptly booked me in and directed me to the rear of the store to the 'Genius Bar'. Arriving at the 'bar' – which did not serve any alcoholic beverages – another very nice man, again armed with an iPad, confirmed what the problem was and scooted round the back to get my replacement phone.

Within 5 mins I had logged into Apple on the new phone, been told that the next time I connect to my WiFi it will automatically update itself – I had the previous night backed up the phone to iCloud – and sent on my way.

And…low and behold he was absolutely right….on returning home within 30 mins the phone had downloaded various apps, photos, videos and music. Lovely jubbly!



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