Project365 #59

At Peterborough Dogs…not sure why everyone is looking so happy…we’re losing…



Project365 #58

‘Good Morning Phil!’



Project365 #57

Today at lunchtime I hung out with all the cool kids in the library.

Whilst there I decided on my next load of teenage fiction…



Project365 #56

School has been pretty much full on recently. Today’s photo of the day could very easily have been a pile of marking, or me inputting data. It’s what I seem to do ALL the time. But that is only what it could have been. I wouldn’t dream of boring you with such madness. Today’s picture is special.


That, my friend, is contaminated water. Bottled evil. Contaminated water that has been rushing around my heating system causing no end of problems. Contaminated water that needs flushing out.

Although, despite the problems that said contaminated water has caused I can’t help thinking how pretty the little bottle of water looks – the way it sparkles in the light – a glitter globe of fairy dust.

Yes, you are correct, I seem to be losing the plot, going slightly crazy, have a screw loose, losing touch with reality, going insane, flipping out, mad as a hatter, deranged, potty, cracking up….


Project365 #55

Had a visitor today…so we tried watching the world in 3D…turns out it is in 3D anyway…



Project365 #54

Sometimes choosing the photo of the day, or even remembering to take it, is tricky. Today was not one of those days.

In fact, by 7.40am I had already nailed it.

At our school, teachers have ‘What I’m reading’ displayed on their classroom door – it encourages students into discussions about books, maybe even makes them pick up one now and again.

So, all I had to do this morning to bag today’s picture was walk past a certain history teacher’s room – I didn’t even go out of my way – I walk past it every morning.


The work of a mischievous student? Or just a big fan? I’ll let you decide.


Project365 #53

Today was a cold and windy Sleaford Half Marathon. Here are some general wonderings:

1. Started off at a pretty easy 8min/mile pace – had a bit of an issue with some very strong headwind in the second half – finished in 1.48

2. I was wearing the number 333 – I also met the fella that had 666

3. I was wearing my Garmin watch – although it was set to metric – which blew my mind! It’s hard to work things out when you’re tired.

4. My reward…I rather snazzy purple technical t-shirt…


Well done to everyone who ran it, supported it and organised it.


Project365 #52

It was a lazy start to the day. I did actually set the alarm so that I could make parkrun, however when it went off I was quick to decide against it. My excuse: Sleaford Half Marathon in the morning.

Instead, I headed off with the dog to the woods for a little stroll. It was a beautiful morning.



Project365 #51

Ventured to the woods this afternoon for a bit of a run.

Did 3 or so miles on the trails. It was very muddy.

The proof…