Project365 #56

School has been pretty much full on recently. Today’s photo of the day could very easily have been a pile of marking, or me inputting data. It’s what I seem to do ALL the time. But that is only what it could have been. I wouldn’t dream of boring you with such madness. Today’s picture is special.


That, my friend, is contaminated water. Bottled evil. Contaminated water that has been rushing around my heating system causing no end of problems. Contaminated water that needs flushing out.

Although, despite the problems that said contaminated water has caused I can’t help thinking how pretty the little bottle of water looks – the way it sparkles in the light – a glitter globe of fairy dust.

Yes, you are correct, I seem to be losing the plot, going slightly crazy, have a screw loose, losing touch with reality, going insane, flipping out, mad as a hatter, deranged, potty, cracking up….

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