Project365 #271 

This morning’s phenomenon saw a total lunar eclipse turning a supermoon blood red for the first time in 33 years. But that wasn’t the biggest phenomenon that happened this morning. Let me explain…

After seeing the supermoon last night I had the ‘amazing’ idea of setting the alarm for 3.30am so that I could see what all the fuss was about.

3.30am came around. I turned the alarmed off and staggered downstairs and into the back garden to see the lunar eclipse and the blood red moon. My expectations were high; I had seen the supermoon earlier so was looking forward to something spectator. 

In my half-asleep state I opened the  backdoor and ventured into the garden. It was dark. Very dark. Something to do with a lunar eclipse me thinks. Anyway, I was muttering to myself about where the moon was when I heard a voice from next door’s garden. “Are you looking for the moon? It’s up there.” There stood my new neighbour, he only recently moved in, pointing up at the sky.

And so we come to the biggest phenomenon of the evening. No, not the blood red moon, which for the record was not very impressive. But the fact that two grown men were stood in neighbouring gardens, in their pants, pointing at the sky. A phenomenon indeed.

As for today’s picture, a slightly out of focus and rather small blood red moon… 


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