Project365 #297

It’s been a busy day today, so plenty of opportunity to get a good photo of the day.

First up, the inaugural Rutland Parkrun. Made a pleasant change from Peterborough, simple out and back course, with the added danger of sheep and sheep poo. Forgot to take a picture.

Parkrun is ALWAYS followed by breakfast: bacon and egg sandwiches. Forgot to take picture.

After being let down by Homebase in our attempt to pick-up some funky wallpaper, we were forced to scour every wallpaper shop in the universe. Forgot to take picture.

During our travels we found ourselves eating scones, complete with clotted cream and jam. Forgot to take picture.

So, what is picture of the day I hear you ask?

The most important part of decorating is in the preparation. So here are some bare walls in need of preparation…. 


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