Project365 #311

Today was one of those days when I had 100s of pictures to choose from. It could have been any of the following:

  • A picture of the rain – it was a very wet and windy morning – not the best morning for a Parkrun.
  • A selfie after Parkrun looking very soggy.
  • A beautiful bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast.
  • A picture of ‘cool’ grandpa playing with his grandson at the park.
  • A very cool groovy cabinet found and bought from a charity shop.
  • A picture of dinner: Chinese takeaway.

But no, it was a present to myself that arrived by post today that won.  


Yes that’s right. It is a signed copy of ‘A Lover Sings’ by Billy Bragg. Containing over seventy of his best-known lyrics, selected, annotated and with an introduction by Bragg.

“In the end it took me a dictionary,

To find out the meaning of unrequited.

While she was giving herself for free

At a party to which I was never invited.”

The Saturday Boy 

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