An update…

An avid reader of this blog would be worried; it has been 28 days since my last post.

My last post just read ‘Still Poorly’ – I can imagine the thoughts running through your head: has he been abducted by aliens; has he decided to quit this world of social media; or has he simply just dropped dead?

Well I can now put the record straight…

Janathon had been going pretty well; a more relaxed approach, a lot of running plus a few planks when I was feeling tired or didn’t have the time. Then I was hit by it.

Man Flu.

I think it was probably a combination of things:

  • All the exercise
  • Working hard at school
  • Donating blood

But it left me teetering on the edge of death.

The ever present grim reaper, like an old friend waiting to accompany me down the pub, was always close by. At one stage it was near impossible to make myself a Lemsip!

Therefore Janathon went for a Burton whilst I battled for survival. Needless to say I did survive. I was battered and bruised but I made it; I came through. 

In other news…

I’ve entered the Milton Keynes Marathon and will be looking for sponsorship to raise a few quid for charity. More on that another day…

2 replies on “An update…”

Glad you are back in the land of the living and hopefully training for MK marathon. I did it the first year they held it, torrential rain, flooding, gale force winds, hope your weather is better!

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