Tips and advice for Endure 24…

It is less than two weeks until my first Endure 24. I’m running as part of a four person team: Team Scrambled Legs.

I recently asked for some advice and tips for the weekend, so I thought I’d share:

  • Be prepared for all weathers – it was very wet/muddy a couple of years ago
  • Pack plenty of running gear – change of kit for each lap
  • Mix with everyone – support the solos
  • Start slow
  • Ensure you have a good quality headtorch
  • Bring plenty of snacks – any other food is available from the various catering stalls
  • Porridge and pasta pots are a good idea – so bring a kettle
  • Bring plenty of socks
  • Try double laps during the night so you get a chance for a good kip
  • Flip flops for the shower – also a plastic bag to put clothes in
  • Take shower stuff to start to save a journey back to tent
  • Take warm clothes – it can get pretty chilly during the night
  • If having a shower, get changed into clean kit, then layer up – then all ready for next lap
  • Beware the hills – walk up if you need to

And the best piece of advice, given by virtually everyone I have spoken to:

  • Have fun and enjoy it!

Any other advice or tips that you’d like to share?

2 replies on “Tips and advice for Endure 24…”

Mine’s not race related; but due to the timings of laps over-night and when people might be sleeping i think it’d be respectful to keep your noise to a minimum or go and hangout near the start/finish line rather than making lots of noise at your tent when people could be sleeping at any strange time – the amount of time you’re going to get for sleep is so minimal anyway you don’t want to lay there listening to people rabbiting on after dark. Unfortunately this relies on your neighbours being mutually respectful which you might not have too much control over… in which case: ear plugs. definitely ear plugs.

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