Juneathon Day 4 

It’s Saturday; Juneathon’s exercise was therefore a Parkrun. We headed over to Rutland Water Parkrun on a grey and miserable morning. We had a Parkrun tourist in tow and everyone, except me, were looking for a PB. I was a pacer.

Job done, PBs achieved. I took the photo.

Next up was Pretty Muddy, a Race for Life with ‘edge’. This particular event is a ‘women only’ event. Who says that sexism is a thing of the past? This would never happen if we left the EU. Or perhaps remaining in the EU would prevent this blatant man bashing. Who knows? But I’m sure this will soon be top of the agenda for both campaigns. 

That aside, it was completed, even if it wasn’t particularly muddy. I held the bags and took the photo (along with every other man there).

Juneathon totals:

  • Running = 10.6 miles
  • Cycling = 9.2 miles
  • Cross-trainer = 6.2 km
  • Rower = 6000m

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