Day 2 #RunEveryDay

Today was going to be one of those busy days when I was unsure as to when the day’s run was actually going to take place. In the end, it wasn’t. 

The planned visit to The British Library to take in their Punk Exhibition didn’t happen. We did get as far as actually sitting on the train waiting for it to leave the platform, before the driver announced that an earlier train had hit a cow, causing damage to train, tracks, and of course, the cow. At one point the driver seemed quite optimistic that we might start moving, only for our hopes to be dashed when he announced that a bus service would be provided at some stage, or better still, we would be better off finding another way. 

We abandoned our trip and headed into town for a bit of shopping. 

So it worked out that we were home around lunchtime leaving plenty of time for a run. 

The run itself was a gentle 50min jog with the dog around the outskirts of Bourne. Billy boy is getting on a bit; he’s not the whippersnapper he once was. Therefore a lot of the run was spent looking to see if he was keeping up with me and then waiting for him to catch up. Can you spot him?

When he does finally catch up he gives me this ridiculous gormless look…

We did, in the end, cover about 5 miles. But more importantly, day two is done. 


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