Day 4 #RunEveryDay Semi-naked run…

Day 4 and continuing the theme of mixing it up I headed to the woods for a run. 

Now if you’ve clicked on this post hoping to hear about nudity in the woods, you should be ashamed. Or if you’re hoping to see me nude, you should be very ashamed.

When I say ‘semi-naked’ I actually meant no music and headphones. So I grabbed the dog hit the woods and ran. Just ran. No planned route. No planned pace. 40 mins of relaxed no pressure running. It felt good to hit the trails, they were pretty overgrown and I had to be on my toes to avoid thistles, brambles and the like. I did have my watch on to track the run, hence semi-naked, big loop of woods…

I found this wristband thingy that had a zip and place to put your key in. 

Together with my headband on to keep my hair under control, cue comedy image of the day, I looked like an 80s throwback…

Day 4 done.  

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