Day 7 #RunEveryDay

Friday. At last. It has been a busy week, but that’s one week down. 

Run streak = 7 days

After a ridiculous meeting at school where we were told everything we already knew, and even if we didn’t already know it (which we did) we could have read it ourselves; day seven was a trip to the gym. 

35 min on the treadmill. 

I was joined at the gym by Skinny Lister, metaphorically of course (there is no way the double bass would fit on the treadmill), they have a new album out and although I’ve had it spinning a couple of times at home, having it on through the earphones at the gym meant I could really LISTEN to it. It is good. Well worth a listen. 

The gym session was followed by a trip to the pub, where I am currently writing this, whilst demolishing a bottle of wine and following it up with Jack Daniels. 

Tomorrow: Parkrun. 

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