Dark Skies Run Kielder

We signed up for this run bloody ages ago, and it would appear that it is suddenly less than a week away. In fact, the lovely people at Trail Outlaws have a handy countdown on their website, just in case you’re not quite nervous enough. This is what it looked like this morning:

If you know nothing of the Dark Skies Run Kielder, then let me explain:

  • 26.5 miles (don’t even bother asking about the distance – no idea what it’s not the regular marathon distance)
  • It is a trail race, run around a big lake, starting early evening and running in the dark. 
  • It is held at Kielder Water & Forest Park. Kielder was given ‘Dark Park Sky’ status in 2013 – making it the perfect venue for the ultimate star lit running challenge (don’t bother asking me to explain – something about the lack of light pollution)
  • There is mandatory kit you need to have with you: whistle, headtorch (with spare batteries), foil blanket, hats and gloves, waterproof jacket, water, emergency food and fully charged phone. Oh, I nearly forgot, and a freaking trailer to put it all in and pull along behind you.
  • I think it may have some ‘hills’. After doing a trawl of the internet I found one lovely person describe it as, ‘certainly undulating’. The official numbers…

I’ve even had to buy a running back pack. Still to actually attempt running with it on. That may well be a job this week: get to the woods one evening and have a go. 

A group of five of us are running it, well when I saying running, it might be walking, walking/running, we don’t have a definitive plan yet. Run our own race? Stay together for a bit? Stay together the whole way? Still to be decided. Whatever happens it’s definitely going to be an experience. 

Wish me luck.