Day 12 – Island hopping #thailand

Firstly, a little update on yesterday. A/C issues – it stopped working. Had to move rooms late last night. All good now.

Today was one of those full on days, beginning with early breakfast for an early start, scooting around some of the local islands…

Railay Beach and Pranang Cave Bay.

Beautiful. As is pretty standard here, you come across lots of shrines. This one was all about a Princess who will fulfil wishes – there was a plaque that told you so. When the wishes are fulfilled you should leave an offering. If you leave a special offering you will ensure fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and mankind. It also says, ‘Do not place things of worship that are inappropriate’. Hence, a cave full of willies.

Tub Island

This was a weird sort of place that at low tide you can walk between three islands – can’t remember the names of the other islands. It was at this place that I had an encounter with a monkey, I think he was eyeing up my bag, when I refused he had a grab at my leg. He wasn’t happy. I should be ok, no need for rabies jab!

We didn’t ‘walk’ across to one of the other islands because you had to swim it!

Chicken Island

Rather strange name for an island, I ‘think’ because it looks like a chicken? Also, did a bit of snorkelling here.

Poda Island

Another beautiful island. We stopped for something to eat here – meal in a box – chicken drumstick, rice and a bag of super spicy ‘something’. Not the best food we’ve had here in Thailand, but probably not the worse either.

Day 12 – Islands.

Fact of the Day: The Thai flag is made up of three colours; red, white and blue. Red symbolizes the nation, land and people. White symbolizes the purity of Buddhism, and blue symbolizes the monarchy.