Day 6 #juneathon

I’ve now run every day of the month, and more importantly, blogged every day also.

However, I’ve actually ran every day for the last 20; in that time covering about 75 miles.

Today’s run, after getting out of work as soon as possible, was a gentle couple of miles at the woods with the dogs. I say dogs because at the moment we’re dog sitting an extra one.

This is Billy, he is our dog. He’s 13 years old, deaf and recently retired from joining me on runs. Although a couple of gentle miles is doable for him. What a majestic beast.

This is Fudge, she is 5 years old and is a freaking crazy yob and is definitely not our dog. If she isn’t barging Billy out the way, she’s trying to trip me up. A total nightmare.

Today’s mileage = 2

Total Juneathon mileage = 17