Day 3 Norfolk Coast Tour

The day began with blue skies, wispy clouds, a lovely summer morning. This was short lived.

I was up, packed and on the road for 8.30am. The weather forecast said light rain from 9am, so thought I’d get a bit of a head start, with breakfast somewhere on the way.

Made it just out of Cromer before it started drizzling with rain, this soon changed to light rain, and at time heavy rain. I was following National Cycle Route 30 – so was constantly on the hunt for the blue ’30’ signs. At one stage, in the rain, I got to junction and there wasn’t any blue signs. Left was ‘Hungry Hill’, right was a lovely looking tree lined lane. My sense of direction suggested left, but ‘Hungry Hill’ did not sound inviting. Headed right. About half a mile down the road I spotted a ’30’. Nice. Note to self: never rely on my sense of direction.

Spot the sign – I only just did.

I was also riding on designated ‘quiet roads’, at times they were barely roads.

I took a bit of a detour to Happisburgh to see the lighthouse and the site of a mass grave of 119 seamen of HMS Invincible, one of Lord Nelson’s ships, which went down in 1801.

The problem of taking a detour is remembering the way back to the route. After a couple of wrong turns and a distinct lack of ’30’ signs, I somehow, by luck more than judgement, got back on track.

I stopped for lunch at a pub on route, can’t remember the name…oh…yes…I do…. ‘The Overpriced Arms’. Had a cheese and pickle baguette and coffee costing a million pounds. So took advantage of the wi-fi and their hospitality by staying until the rain eased up.

By the time I got to Caister the rain had stopped and the sun was attempting to break through. I also discovered a Roman Fort.

Another dozen or so miles further round the coast and I finally came to Great Yarmouth. This is as far that I’m going round the coast, tomorrow it will be a visit to Norwich and the long journey home.

I had also pre-booked a room for tonight – my brother-in-law, Kev, lives on the Norfolk Broads – so that just left a short journey in land. I say short journey, but by the time I avoided some dual carriage ways and other massive roads, it wasn’t until 7pm before I got there.

A massive 62 miles today – wet and windy for most of the day. So I had earned a shower, coffee, dinner and beer when I got there. East Coast IPA to celebrate.

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