Day 5 Norfolk Tour

Last night was a spot of wild camping at Brandon Country Park. It went well for the following reasons:

  • The park is massive so it was easy to cycle to the far side and set up with no-one around.
  • Lovely mossy spongy ground – meant for a very comfy night.
  • It was a very quiet night – except for some animal’s loud growl that echoed through the forest for an hour at dusk – had a good night’s sleep.
  • Woke up at just after 7am, plenty of time to have coffee, pack up and head to the Parkrun start.
  • Brandon Country Park Parkrun is a great course: 2 laps through the forest. Took it pretty steady considering I had a big ride ahead of me.
  • After Parkrun I headed to the cafe for a bit of a chat with some of the volunteers and breakfast.
  • Today was always going to be a tough ride, it was a long ride home even without any dramas. But throw in the head wind that I had to battle (again) and it was doubly tough.
  • Took a few pictures, but really toward was all about pedalling and going forward.
  • I did stop at a pub for a lovely burger and beer to refuel.
  • Also at one stage the cycle route took me down a dodgy looking trail, fine when you’re on a bike without all the gear. This was a struggle.
  • Finally made it home. It was a great trip: 295 miles in all. I’ve learnt so much about cycle touring (but I’ll save that for another day).
  • Cushty.
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