#project365 #188

Sunday: the home of the long run.

Especially if you are supposed to be running 100km in 3 weeks!?!

The plan? With 3 weeks to go, this weekend’s run needed to be a 20+ mile run, so I was out the door by 7.30am so I’d be home for lunchtime.

The route? Well, I sort of had an idea, wasn’t entirely sure whether I was going to do a couple of 10 mile loops, run out and back, or see if I could come up with a 20ish mile route without getting lost.

I decided on the later, except I got lost, well maybe not actually lost, but things didn’t go quite to plan.

The first 10 or so miles were pretty uneventful, it was a lovely morning, I was jogging along at gentle pace. All was good.

I had got to the point where I could head back, whack in a couple of loops in the woods and end up doing around 20 miles. Except I’ve done so much running at the woods lately, I decided to change it up a bit. So I headed down a lane, that I sort of knew, I was thinking a couple miles along then traverse across to another road and run back. Simple. What could go wrong?

I had my eye on a church in the distance where I needed to eventually get to. So having run down a country lane for a couple of miles, I was pretty much opposite the church, just about 400 yds of Field between us. Now it was just about picking a route.

First 100 yds no problem, ran down the side of a cornfield.

Second 100 yds, slightly more wild, but no real problem.

Then things started to get tricky. The last 200 yds meant actually going through a rapeseed field. It didn’t look to bad to begin with, I was trying to stick to the side but that became nettles and stingers, which meant wadding chest high through the crop for the final 150 yds. I stopped on numerous occasions and thought about turning back, but once I had invested time and effort, it was just about going forward.

Once I finally escaped the field I was left torn to shreds.

The final 8ish miles home went without incident. Completed 22 miles in total, at a pretty steady pace, not that I’d be able to go at that pace for 100km, but I’m thinking lots more walking will be involved with all the hills.

Picture of the day? Legs.

Can you guess what mile involved fighting a field of triffids?

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