#project365 #191

The plan was to do some 400m reps round the track after school. Also wanted to try and push myself to go faster and further. So the plan was to do 400m fast followed by 400m jog recovery and carry on until I couldn’t run each lap faster. It was knackering.

This is what happened:

  • 400m warm-up
  • 400m – 96secs 👍🏻
  • 400m jog recovery
  • 400m – 93secs 👍🏻
  • 400m jog recovery
  • 400m – 92secs 👍🏻
  • 400m jog recovery
  • 400m – 90secs 👍🏻
  • 400m jog recovery
  • 400m – 89secs 👍🏻
  • 400m jog recovery
  • 400m – 90secs 👎🏻
  • 800m cool down


Next fast session: fastest mile I can run.

3 replies on “#project365 #191”

When I say, plan, I mean it in the loosest possible way. As for the ultra training…I’ve been running 40/50 mile weeks, with long 20+ mile runs for the last 4 weeks. Although as for running 100km, far from confident 😳

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