Book 2 of 2021

I was quite late to this idea of blogging about the books I am reading – partly because I just wanted to start blogging again – which means you get a number of blogs in quick succession about the books I have read so far this year. You’re welcome.

Book 2 of 2021

‘Ramble Book: Musings on Childhood, Friendship, Family and 80s Pop Culture’ by Adam Buxton

This was read about the middle of January…

Wasn’t particularly enamored with this book. I quite like Adam Buxton. I don’t have extensive experience or knowledge, I’ve never seen him in live. But I like him when he is in dictionary corner on ‘8 out 10 cats does Countdown’ and I’ve been an avid listener to his podcast. So was quite looking forward to reading it.

There were quite a few good things to say about it:

  • It was funny – laugh out loud in places.
  • I was born in 1970, so the 80s was my ‘growing up’ time – brought back some great memories.
  • The stuff about his dad is both incredibly moving and incredibly funny.
  • His rambles – who doesn’t like a ramble?

Some bits that were less good:

  • David Bowie, he talks about David Bowie a lot. A lot. I quite like David Bowie – but not that much.
  • The Adam and Joe Show. Never seen it. Don’t really fancy watching it. Again, it gets a lot of mentions.

What you definitely get is Buxton’s ‘voice’ coming through – if you’re a fan, even if you’re not – probably worth a read.

Next up: The 392

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