Book 26 of 2021

‘In it for the long run’ by Damian Hall

I sort of know what to expect with this sort of running book. It’s about running and his experiences running ‘lumpy things’ – as the author puts it.

I quite like these sort of books – they often enthuse and entertain.

Damian Hill is clearly a very good runner, he has a great story: started running late in life and was very very good at it. The problem with the book for me, and often other books like this, is the ‘am I going to do it, it’s really hard, I can’t possibly do it, oh yes I did, and I beat the record by hours’ scenarios.

Having said that – Damian seems like a nice fella – I did enjoy it to a degree.

Next up: Lord of the Flies (forced upon me – teaching it soon).

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