Juneathon #2

Day 2 of Juneathon coincides with the beginning of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. So the day started with trying to remember past jubilees.

The best I could do was a vague memory of the silver jubilee in 1977 at Bermondsey, on and around Albion Street and Rotherhithe Library. This included the memory of a Tommy Steele statue, ‘The Bermondsey Boy’ – stolen in 1998, its whereabouts are still unknown.

The actual run was a lovely late morning run including a run around the River Centre.

Bagged a couple of Strava badges.

The afternoon was spent in a garden celebrating Queenie. Nice.

The stats:

Day 1. 3.1 miles.

Day 2. 3.8 miles.

Juneathon Total = 6.9 miles

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