Juneathon Day 4

Four days in already. The first Saturday of Juneathon – Parkrun day – but not today.

It was an early run around the village, a bit blowy, but done and dusted nice and early.

This morning I was accompanied by Romesh Ranganathan and his podcast: For the Love of Hip Hop.

I don’t mind a bit of the old hip hops – been getting into it more recently. So after the run a got some Run DMC spinning.

It was 3.5 miles in total, I even managed to bag a couple more badges from Strava – I love pressing the ‘join challenge’ button!


Day 1. 3.1 miles

Day 2. 3.8 miles

Day 3. 3.1 miles

Day 4. 3.5 miles

Juneathon Total = 13.5 miles

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