Juneathon Day 9

It was another in the house and straight back out again to tick off day 9.

Today was a simple out and back route: down the lanes to the river, once round the field and back. 5km.

It was Romesh’s ‘For the Love of Hip Hop’ again today.

So how about I leave some right here for you? 1980 by Estelle. Classic.


Day 1. 3.1 miles

Day 2. 3.8 miles

Day 3. 3.1 miles

Day 4. 3.5 miles

Day 5. 4 miles

Day 6. 3.1 miles

Day 7. 6.3 miles

Day 8. 3.1 miles

Day 9. 3.1 miles

Juneathon Total = 33.1 miles

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