Juneathon Day 13

As we near halfway through the month this is often the time when doing Juneathon isn’t such a good idea as it seemed back on 1st June. Not this time though. Everything seems to be holding up.

This evening’s run was a lovely 4+ miles. In fact, I felt I could have kept running, I was feeling strong and really enjoying it, but my inner voice said ‘let’s not go mad, you’re not even halfway through’ so decided 4ish miles was far enough.

It was a podcast that accompanied me on the run: Running Commentary.


Day 1. 3.1 miles

Day 2. 3.8 miles

Day 3. 3.1 miles

Day 4. 3.5 miles

Day 5. 4 miles

Day 6. 3.1 miles

Day 7. 6.3 miles

Day 8. 3.1 miles

Day 9. 3.1 miles

Day 10. 3.1 miles

Day 11. 3.1 miles

Day 12. 3.7 miles

Day 13. 4.3 miles

Juneathon Total = 47.3 miles

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