Juneathon Day 16


By the time 5pm came around it was slightly cooler – perfect for a gentle 4-miler.

Another down to the river and back.

Since living in the village there has been a myth about a ferry that will take you across the river. I have never seen said ferry…until today.

The image in my head was one of Charon crossing the River Styx carrying the souls of the newly deceased who have received their rites of burial.

In reality it looks like this.

Although I couldn’t see Charon, he may have upgraded his boat and was at the bar waiting for the dead.

Back to the run, it was a lovely. I like feeling the sun on your back as you pootle along. And…got me another Strava badge.


Day 1. 3.1 miles

Day 2. 3.8 miles

Day 3. 3.1 miles

Day 4. 3.5 miles

Day 5. 4 miles

Day 6. 3.1 miles

Day 7. 6.3 miles

Day 8. 3.1 miles

Day 9. 3.1 miles

Day 10. 3.1 miles

Day 11. 3.1 miles

Day 12. 3.7 miles

Day 13. 4.3 miles

Day 14. 3.1 miles

Day 15. 3.7 miles

Day 16. 4.1 miles

Juneathon Total = 58.2 miles

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