Book 24 of 2022

‘You’d Be Home Now’ by Kathleen Glasgow

I really like this book. A book about addiction, written, not from the perspective of the addict, but his sister, Emory.

She’s watching from the outside as her brother struggles with addiction. Emory’s feeling of invisibility, somewhere between her addict brother and her strong-willed beautiful sister, leads her to make some faulty choices.

But ultimately, it also wakes her up to something bigger: you have to make a choice to fight to help those you love, but you have to let yourself live, too.

You don’t know what is going to happen, or how things are going to end, and we probably get into way too much trouble trying to plan for and predict these things. But in the end, you just don’t know.

I gave it four stars which means I thought it was really good. Well worth a read.

Next up: Reds and Rams

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