February Challenge: Day 14 Update

Challenge: 2000 piece puzzle.

It’s been going ok – slowly getting there. I’m halfway through the month, I’m not yet halfway through the puzzle, but I’m counting on the fact that it must get easier as you complete it.

Most of the ‘green’ and ‘interesting’ bits done. Now there appears to be a lot of ‘sky’ and ‘mountains’ and ‘trees’. 😳


Puzzle Challenge Day 5

February’s Challenge: 2000 piece puzzle.

Five days in and I think it’s gone ok, not entirely sure exactly how I’m doing, as in will I finish it before the end of the month. There are so many pieces the biggest obstacle to completing it is all the sorting through the bits.

For example, today I’ve probably spent about an hour pootling with it, and maybe I’ve actually put 40 pieces in place.

So it looks like this after day five…


Book 3 of 2023

‘The Power’ by Naomi Alderman

Again, I’m a little late reading this one. I remember it being pretty popular a few years ago.

I wasn’t that impressed. Started off really well, loved the idea of women having this power that enables them to shoot electric from their hands causing them to become the dominant sex.

The story is told through the experiences of half a dozen different characters.

It took a while for me to get through this book – not sure if it is one to recommend.


Puzzle Challenge Day 1

Don’t worry I’m not going to be posting every day about my progress completing the puzzle. But I had to post after day one.

Not entirely sure how long I have been ‘puzzling’ today, probably around a couple of hours. Three sessions.

I did attempt a few stop motion videos…

So after the first day I have completed all the edge pieces (except one) and made a start on the inside.


February: New Challenge

After last month’s successful run every day challenge, February’s challenge needed to be something less physical.

So after much consideration we have a new challenge…it’s not particularly rock and roll…

Complete a puzzle.

I understand that doesn’t sound particularly challenging, but it’s a 2000 piece puzzle. Yes, you read that correctly: 2000 pieces! Initially I was going to go for a 5000 piece puzzle but was persuaded against it. They were also very expensive!

So I have one month to complete a 2000 piece puzzle. Of course, I will attempt to post progress.

The challenge starts today.


RED January 2023…some stats…

It wouldn’t be a monthly challenge if it wasn’t followed by a loads of stats:

Days = 31

Runs = 31

Treadmill Runs = 14

Outside Runs = 17

Shortest Run = 2 miles

Longest Run = 4.32 miles

Average Daily Run = 3.23 miles

Total Mileage = 100.18 miles


RED January Day 31

The last day of the month. The 31st run.

Trail run: 3.6 miles


And relax.


RED January Day 30

It was a busy start to the week: full day of teaching followed by a Samaritans duty starting at 7pm.

So it was home, 5km on the treadmill, dinner and out.

One. Day. Left.


RED January Day 29

It was a lovely gentle afternoon run that ticks off the 29th day, and run, of the month.

3 miles.