4x4x48 Loop 7

We’ve been here before – 8pm – only now we’re entering the second 24hrs…

Took a slightly different route this time; over the other side of the village. Quite liked it. The finish was a lovely downhill by the side of a field. I also ticked off 4 miles before reaching home – which meant a nice little walk in – rather than running past the house and back to ensure the mileage is done.

It felt like it had cooled down slightly on leaving the house, but within a mile I was feeling the heat. Another 4 miles in around 41mins.

Not particularly looking forward to the midnight loop – it is pitch black then and following that little ring of light from the headtorch can send you slightly mad.

Next loop: midnight.


4x4x48 Loop 6

Halfway. 6 loops. 24 hrs. 24 miles.

This loop was a big loop of the village including a pootle across a farmer’s field. 4 miles. 41mins.

So far I have been joined on my 4 mile loops by a podcast: Running Commentary. But I’m all up to date with their weekly shenanigans – so it’s time for something else.

This loop, after seeing Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at the weekend, it was time for some Beautiful South.

I felt a bit knackered after this loop – it felt quite close and I was very sweaty, but seem to be holding up.

Next loop: 8pm


4x4x48 Loop 5


20 miles done – all good.

It had clouded over a bit and the wind had picked up for this loop. Well, when I say loop, it was down to the River Centre, a bit of a faff around there, and back again.

4 miles in 40mins.

Next loop: 4pm


4x4x48 Loop 4

So far so good…

Had another ‘good’ 3 hour kip. It was a lovely morning: bright, reasonably cool and a bit of a breeze. Although it looks like it might be another warm one.

This time I ran out the village for 2 miles and then turned round and ran back. 4 miles. 40mins.

Notice the lovely new coffee stain…

16 miles done.

Next loop: noon


4x4x48 Loop 3

4am. After three hours kip it was time to go again. It was just starting to get light when I set off so decided against headtorch.

The route? Same as last night, except the other way round.

I did run past last night’s noisy irrigation system – happily still clanking along.

A steady 42min loop – felt pretty warm out. Now for a few hours kip before we go again. 12 miles done.

Next loop: 8am


4x4x48 Loop 2


Had about an hour nap before heading out on this one. It was raining earlier so it was good to see it had stopped before heading out.

Headtorch required for this loop – all very quiet out – didn’t see a person or a car out the run – everyone tucked up in bed.

I did however get completely spooked by the farmer’s irrigation pipe machine thingy that appeared to be clanking all on it’s own! I didn’t hang around to investigate!!

A guiding light in the distance…

Was listening to the Running Commentary podcast on the way round. The first extract from their recent attempt at ‘Race for the Stones’. I’ll carry on with it on the next loop.

Next loop: 4am


4x4x48 Loop 1

First loop done – it’s been pretty hot today – by 8pm the temperature had dropped and there was a lovely breeze with the odd drop of rain.

Nice steady start: 40min

Next loop: midnight


A nice challenge to keep me occupied…

I’ve been putting off this little challenge for some time. Due mainly to finding a two day window. But the time has come…


What is it?

Run 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.

This challenge was made famous by David Goggins. David Goggins is an ex-Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, crazy exercising fella, ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete, and generally just about the toughest man alive.

So if he can do it, so can I.

I’ve even got a plan! I’ve written it down and everything.

The plan is to start tonight at 8pm (in about 30mins). So I should be starting the final loop, if everything goes to plan, at 4pm on Tuesday.

I have a few 4 mile loops that I can do, just for a bit of variety. I will be attempting to write a short blog after every loop.

Wish me luck.


Book 14 of 2022

‘Face’ by Benjamin Zephaniah

First teenage novel for a while – hence the quick read.

Didn’t really enjoy this – 3 stars – it was all a bit ‘nice’ and predictable. I was expecting something more hard hitting as a debut novel from Zephaniah.

I like the concept: teenager whose life is completely changed when he suffers major burns in a car accident. The novel explores friendship, relationships and family life – I just thought it needed a bit more – not gritty enough.