#project365 #24

Billy Boy.

Juneathon Project365

Think he’s got the hump! #juneathon #project365

Juneathon Day 29

We reach what is the penultimate day of Juneathon and this is the first run that actually felt like a Juneathon run. Rushed home from work, collected the dog and we hit the trails. It was hot and sweaty. In the past I have always remembered Juneathon as being exactly like this – lots of runs in the sun. However, this is the first of its kind this year.

The plan was to do about 5 miles at a reasonable pace – I'm starting to test Jeff* a bit more – it went well, a bit achy, but overall a success. Although, the dog probably disagreed with me – he struggled. I think the days of him joining me on my runs has well and truly gone. I understand it was pretty warm this evening but that was no excuse for the pace he was going. I had to wait for him on numerous occasions. And when I told him to get a move on, did he listen? Did he hell! If anything he started going slower.

Anyway, when we returned home I gave him a good talking to. This resulted in him sitting in the corner of the garden with the hump and ignoring me all night.

Project365 #180

* If you don't understand what this means then you are lucky enough not to find yourself reading the nonsense that is contained on this blog too often – I will not put you through the pain of an explanation.



Janathon Project365

Janathon Day 10

Janathon Day 10

Following on from yesterday's blog post about data, I thought I'd give you some more:

  • 32.25% of Janathon in complete
  • Average daily mileage of 4.429
  • I am currently exceeding progress
  • I am predicted to complete 137 miles
  • Intervention is not required
Although at one point today I thought I would never walk again. I had, embedded in my foot, the biggest shard of glass the world has ever seen*.

After a very long operation to remove said fragment of evil, during which I experienced more pain than a woman during childbirth, I was finally able to fit in today's run. It was round the woods in the dark with the dog. I had my trusty head torch on, although that didn't help me spot the huge twisted mass of branches that almost caused me and the dog to end up in a ditch.

Today's mileage = 4.24

Total Janathon mileage = 44.29

Project365 #10

Today's photo, and evidence of the rock and roll lifestyle I live, tumble dryer shopping.

* I would have taken a picture of the offending piece of glass but it was too big and there was far too much blood.


Janathon Project365

A bright and early #janathon run….

Janathon Day 4

A bit of a strange morning today: I was awake at 6am.

With the ergophobia beginning to take a grip, I decided not to role over and go back to sleep. A nice early start will mean an early night which in turn will mean I will be bright and fresh for the first day of a new term. So there is only one thing to do when you are up bright and early during Janathon: go for a run. It was too dark to venture out so I read for a while.

7am. Time to go. I thought as I was up early I would encourage the dog to join me by explaining to him that we would go to the woods and chase deer. He was up for it. So we headed out into the morning: thick frost, icy roads and bloody freezing.

Double layers. Check. Hat. Check. Gloves. Check.

We got to the woods and it was barely light.

There were indeed plenty of animals for the dog to chase, so he was happy. As for me it took a while to get warmed up, but after a couple of miles I was feeling better. By the time the sun decided to venture out we were pretty much done: 7ish miles.

I can now get on with enjoying the rest of the day knowing that I've run AND blogged. Not looking forward to day 5, first day back to work after the holiday, not sure where the run is going to fit in.

Today's mileage = 7.18

Total Janathon mileage = 19.66

Project365 #4

This was the best picture I could come up with on this morning's run…



Janathon Project365

Day 3 #janathon #project365

Janathon Day 3

I woke up to a miserable morning in Lincolnshire. I had plans to attend a parkrun, but that never happened, due to the fact that I didn't actually wake-up until 9.30am. But with parkrun in mind I decided to get straight out and do a fast few miles. And that is exactly what I did; I hit the streets of Bourne.

The dog was disappointed that I didn't take him to the woods with me for the run – but I wanted to avoid the rain that was on its way – he didn't speak to me for the rest of the day.

Today's mileage = 2.92

Total Janathon mileage = 12.48


Project365 #3

Today's photo is pipe work. Not just any old pipe work, but the sort that leaks, the sort that has leaked in the past, the sort that ends up taking over your life. Argh!!! The day has been punctuated with calls to various plumbers in an attempt to get it sorted. The lovely Shaun will be round on Monday to take a look.

In other news….back to work on Monday.



Lost and found dog. #juneathon day 17

Tonight's quick short run to fit in with the World Cup was anything but.

After watching the 5pm game I quickly headed to the woods with the dog for a brisk 2 mile run so that I was back and showered for the Brazil game. After about a mile I lost the dog. He was nowhere to be seen.

This is not the first time this as happened. He normally shows up within a few minutes, often distracted by another dog, or a squirrel, or he is off chasing a deer. So what normally happens is I turn round, jog back the way we came and we generally meet up again. This didn't happen today. I jogged back. No sign of the bloody mutt. I jogged up to the ponds; he likes taking a dip and is often found there. No sign of the sodding dog. So I headed back to the entrance of the woods, we go there all the time, he should know this is where we start and finish. No sign of the pesky dog. So I did another quick lap in the hope of meeting him somewhere else. No such luck.

It wasn't till I got back to the entrance again that I found him. He had been rescued by a fella who said he looked lost. I thanked the bloke and gave the dog a good talking too.

So I ended up running over 5 miles and was out for far longer than I had planned. Therefore, I missed the start of the Brazil game. The dog is in the proverbial dog house.

Day 17 mileage = 5.43

Total Juneathon mileage = 80.42



#juneathon day 2

How about a haiku?

Today's mileage = 5.38

Total Juneathon mileage = 11.19



#janathon Disco Dog

Today I bought the dog a treat: a flashing LED light dog tag collar pendant. For the princely sum of £1.99.

So tonight we headed to the woods to give it a go. It is very funny, it flashes red and blue constantly. I think it may have freaked the dog out a bit, but he was soon taking no notice of it. Not that he had a choice. It's for dogs that tend to run off. My dog doesn't run off, just wanted to make him look stupid. I did attempt to take a photo, but it's not the best…..

So it was another two and half miles round the woods. I think it's about time I did a bit of a longer run. Tomorrow may be that day.

Total Janathon mileage = 54.97



#janathon Day 5

Sunday morning, traditionally the home of the long run. Although this early in Janathon to attempt a very long run would be madness. Madness. Madness I say!

10am. Billy boy was quite keen to get out there…

Today the plan was to hit the woods for a muddy run. I like running around the woods and I love running on the trails, even after all the rain when it is near impossible to actually run on them. The last three runs have all been round the woods with Billy boy, which he loves, but he does get absolutely covered in mud. Then of course during the course of the day it dries and he then leaves little piles of dust wherever he lays. So I had a word with him and he agreed to try to avoid getting too muddy.

He lied.

We both got absolutely covered. So when I got in I had something to eat, had a shower, put some washing on, did a bit of ironing, mopped the floor, loaded the dishwasher and wrote this blog. Billy? He had a relax…

As for the run…here it is….in what has quickly become the norm….in graphic form…

Total Janathon mileage = 20.5