Janathon Project365

Janathon Day 10

Janathon Day 10

Following on from yesterday's blog post about data, I thought I'd give you some more:

  • 32.25% of Janathon in complete
  • Average daily mileage of 4.429
  • I am currently exceeding progress
  • I am predicted to complete 137 miles
  • Intervention is not required
Although at one point today I thought I would never walk again. I had, embedded in my foot, the biggest shard of glass the world has ever seen*.

After a very long operation to remove said fragment of evil, during which I experienced more pain than a woman during childbirth, I was finally able to fit in today's run. It was round the woods in the dark with the dog. I had my trusty head torch on, although that didn't help me spot the huge twisted mass of branches that almost caused me and the dog to end up in a ditch.

Today's mileage = 4.24

Total Janathon mileage = 44.29

Project365 #10

Today's photo, and evidence of the rock and roll lifestyle I live, tumble dryer shopping.

* I would have taken a picture of the offending piece of glass but it was too big and there was far too much blood.


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